As another example of the bias media across the country and right here in Michigan, paper and local television news channels headlines mislead what actually occurred.  The following are headlines across Michigan reporting misleading information for an attended reaction by those who only read headlines:

MLive: “Trump slams Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s response to coronavirus amid statewide shutdown”.  They actually put this in the category of public Interest instead of opinion.

Detroit Free Press:  “Trump attacks Whitmer on Twitter over coronavirus response”.  Again not put in their editorial or opinion pages.

The only close to fair headline and content comes from the Detroit News:

Detroit News:  “Trump, Whitmer clash over pressing needs in coronavirus response”

So what really happened?  Instead of attending the needs of Michiganders (see two can play at your negative agenda-driven ways) Whitmer used her time to be interviewed on MSNBC and CNN on Monday and earlier Tuesday, Whitmer spoke about Michigan’s need for additional testing kits, ventilators, personal protection equipment, and respirators. She was not asked why her administration did not identify this need earlier and address it.  She has been in office for over a year now.

The Democratic governor berated President Trump during her national Television appearances to “step up” the coronavirus response, prohibit non-essential travel and declare a national disaster to free up more federal funding. She then went a step farther and called the White House's response to the issue “mind-boggling.”

Whitmer told MSNBC:

We've got businesses here in Michigan that are redoubling their efforts to make sure that we're able to access all of the kinds of equipment that we need, but we need the federal government to work…We need respirators and ventilators and personal protection equipment. We need more test kits and the resources to process those test kits in a quick expedited manner.

President Trump said that he is working “very well with the governors and state officials”.  Well, apparently Whitmer does not want to work with the President she just wants to use her national time to attack him with false information.  Ask the Governor of California how well President Trump is working with him, he said it could not be better.

Whitmer used false reporting or just call it fake news by the New York Times as reported by Modern Healthcare (because the times will not let you read their story unless you pay them) when they wrote:

President Donald Trump told governors during a conference call earlier in the day that they shouldn't wait for the federal government to provide them with medical equipment like respirators if they can source them on their own, which surprised some governors, The New York Times reported.

He tried to clarify his remarks during an afternoon news conference, saying that governors should take advantage of their existing supply chains to obtain respirators, masks, ventilators and other medical equipment necessary to care for patients infected with COVID-19 rather than go through "the longer process of the federal government." However, the federal government will continue to increase its stockpile of necessary supplies and equipment and provide them to states where possible.

How is that “clarifying” his remarks it is just the truth?

Why would the Governor of Michigan in a time of crises as we are experiencing now, one of which is healthcare and not her fault the other economic that many can argue is her fault, attack the President?

After picking this politically motivated fight at the expense of Michiganders, she is a campaign co-chair for Biden, she then had the audacity to say:

I can’t get distracted by that. … It’s ironic that my point I was making as I was being attacked was that they’re not serious. They’re watching TV and attacking via Twitter.

The person who runs to MSNBC and CNN attempts to make the point that “They’re watching TV and attacking via Twitter” runs to the TV to attack President Trump.  You cannot make this stuff up.

She then goes on to say:

That’s not going to help anything. The only thing that helps us manage a crisis is having clear and swift information, having personal protection equipment, ensuring that we’ve got the tests that we need and the resources that (are) necessary.

Really Gretchen is running to the national TV “entertainment” channels and attacking the President and Federal government that you are begging for money and equipment from going to “help anything”?

She then said that the state has 10 million residents

who are counting on me to be able to deliver…And I need a federal government that’s got our back and is helping us do that

Does anyone think that running to the national “entertainment” channels like CNN and MSNBC attacking and picking a fight with President Trump and the Federal government is going to help the citizens of Michigan or just help Whitmer attempt to advance her own future career?

Also, Gretchen Crain's Detroit Business magazine reports:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed Monday an executive order making it easier for marijuana consumers and patients to access product amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Under the emergency rule change, all licensed marijuana retailers may provide home delivery service and allow for curbside pickup of products. Previously, retailers had to be specifically licensed for delivery, and sales were otherwise limited to the interior of a retail establishment.

Is making it easier for people to get their recreational marijuana show you are "delivering" for all the citizens of Michigan?  Probably so since you are closing down government offices and private businesses daily, they need something to do with their paid time off, at least the government employees paid time off.

These politicians, “reporters” and pundits need to stop using this crisis as a time to attack the President and the federal government and work together to get through these perilous times.

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