After the latest round of tweets by Congressman Amash many of his constituents have emailed me and wondered if Congressman Amash is the one who is appearing to be “increasingly unstable”, due to his relentless attacks on President Trump.

Congressman Amash has been increasingly attacking President Trump via his Twitter account.
  I do remember a while back Congressman Amash criticizing President Trump for using Twitter so much to attack others, interesting how the tables have turned.

Obviously the question is why does he believe President Trump “appears Increasingly unstable“ and what would he say to his constituents that believe he may be.  Another question asked by his constituents is why is he increasing his attacks on President Trump?  They are guessing it may be to increase his media presence.

Your guess is as good as mine, I have asked Congressman Amash on my show to address the questions his constituents have for him.

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