My favorite season of the year is the Fall.  Wish I had more time to enjoy it.  When one thinks of fall they think of the beautiful color of the leaves and the beautiful pictures that come with them.  Many times in those pictures we see some very picturesque barns nestled in the trees with their beautiful colors.

A group called Michigan Barn Preservation Network (MBPN) for the past 25 years has been giving out the “Barn of the Year” awards.  According to their website over those 25 years, they have recognized 95 from all over the state of Michigan.  They look for their “unique qualities and/or preservation efforts”.

According to their website, they are now requesting submissions for their 2022 Michigan Barn of the Year Awards.

MBPN notes on their site: Your Profile

"The Barn of the Year Program annually honors existing Michigan barns that support the ongoing mission to preserve our agricultural heritage exemplified by its barns.

Nominations are open to the public and must be submitted no later than Jan. 31, 2022.

To qualify, barns must be in-use, either for continued agricultural use or adapted for other uses. They must retain their overall appearance –both in their interior and exterior barn characteristics.”

To see past submissions and winners check out their site which has all of the beautiful pictures of Michigan barns.  If I had the room, I certainly would love to have one of these barns on the property I owned.


You can also submit barns that you know of and love by clicking here for a Submission Form.

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