They just keep getting cuter and more lovable!  Our Wiggly Tail Wednesday guest this week is "Sadie".   She's a mix of a few different breeds, possibly Sheltie or Collie, Terrier, and maybe even Beagle.  Sadie likes to get on the trail and follow a scent.  She's about seven months old.

Sadie-TSM Photo

Sadie is a caramel and white color, and has a lot of energy and does ok with other dogs.  She'll be a medium sized, high energy dog, and might be most happy in a fenced-in yard.

Now that Spring is finally here, take advantage of the "Dog Park" at the Humane Society on Watkins road.  All you have to do is pre-register every year, and the trails are free when the shelter is closed.  Right now, volunteers are needed to work on the trails.

While you're out there, check out the bluebirds!

For more info on Sadie, the Dog Park, for an application or more info, click here.