Meet Cotton a confident cat-dog with personality to spare waiting at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan for his own forever home.

Cotton is not your average cat. He thinks he's a dog. He prefers the company of dogs to other cats. It's not that Cotton dislikes cats, he will tolerate them, it's just that his personality resembles that of a dog. Staff at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan (HSSCM) say this sweet confident boy has tons of charisma and owns any room he walks into.

Cotton at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan
Cotton at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan

They also say that he gets a mischievous look in his eyes which resembles The Grinch in color. Rest assured, Cotton is not the cat (or cat-dog) that stole Christmas. At just over a year old, he still loves to play. Cotton likes to be held and brushed. He will accept bribes in the form of treats in exchange for getting his nails trimmed.

Cotton would do well in a home with older children and with people who have experience with long-haired cats. He would easily adjust to a home with a cat-friendly dog and may do okay with another cat as well. Cotton could do just as well being the lone furry family member too.

Would you like to make Cotton a forever part of your family? Click here to find an application to fill out and return to HSSCM.

Want a furry family member but maybe the holidays are not the right time? You can still help animals like Cotton locally while supporting a Battle Creek area business by clicking here, order curbside pick-up, and then type “Donation for HSSCM” in the notes.  Pet Supplies Plus will drop the donations off at the shelter! 

There's a fun family-friendly activity you can do as well. Mail a Christmas card to Jangle the Cat at C/O HSSCM, 2500 Watkins Road, Battle Creek MI 49015, and you will get a fun cat-themed card sent back in return.

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