Producers of packaged pot products in Michigan are getting a stern warning this week. They'd better not use the words "candy" or "candied" when labeling their pot stuff. It's one aspect of new guidelines for marijuana products by the state's Marijuana Licensing Agency.

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At first glance, you maybe wouldn’t think that’s such a big deal. But there is mounting concern that too many kids are being tempted to get into their parent’s pot. Labeling and packaging can be a factor.

As far back as 6 years ago, when legalized marijuana at the state level was just beginning to take hold, the Washington Post covered the issue.  A story in the Post revealed even as legalized pot was still relatively new, medical experts were looking at data to find a disturbing picture. More and more kids were being tempted to try package pot products, especially edible items.

Fast forward to today and the Michigan Marijuana Licensing Agency this week is announcing a full range of restrictions and guidelines for producers of legal pot products and how they may, and may not label what they offer for sale. Not being allowed to label them with “candy” or “candied” makes more sense when looking at the potential of young kids being tempted to open something up and give it a try.

The agency’s new rules include the following, “Edible marijuana product packages shall not be in a shape or labeled in a manner that would appeal to minors aged 17 years or younger. Edible marijuana products shall not be associated with, or have, cartoons, caricatures, toys, designs, shapes, labels, or packaging that would appeal to minors.”

A related recommendation is when it doubt, lock it up. The Barry-Eaton Health District recently announced a program to provide lockboxes for adults to keep their legal pot products under lock and key so regardless of packaging or anything else, kids can get to the stuff. Lockable boxes and keyed locks or padlocks can also be purchased at most hardware stores for just a few bucks. It’s worth the small outlay to keep kids from tangling with something they don’t need, and should not have contact with.

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