Do you have one of those old ceramic Christmas trees? You may want to dust it off because it could fetch a nice price.

According to Channel 4 Click On Detroit, those vintage ceramic Christmas trees from the 60's and 70's are becoming more popular these days. So popular in fact, that they are selling for a good chunk of change on the internet. There are ceramic Christmas Trees selling on "eBay for between $79 and $650!" I went and checked on Etsy and Amazon too see if there were any available, and they were! I myself didn't see any trees going for $650, but I did see on for about $400. But I'd say the median price range was $50 to $175.

One of the reasons for a resurgence in their popularity is because "the younger generation is feeling nostalgic for the ones they had at home as kids." I, myself, remember admiring the one my grandmother had every year. I always thought it was so pretty with all the gorgeous colors.

If you're not too attached to yours, now is the time to sell it. Read more about it here. And check out the one I have in the pictures below.