Months ago I was made aware of a Battle Creek native Sam Luna and his band “The Sam Luna Band”.  He recently graduated from Lakeview High school in Battle Creek. He and his band have a very interesting story and are 100% Battle Creek and still live in the area.

You now have a chance to make a huge impact on this young man and his band’s career and life. Remember when you were hoping for someone to give you a chance?

I was recently informed that Sam and his band are now 1 of approximately 320 left in an annual artist competition called “The Opening Act”.  This competition involves artists from all over the United States who enter for a chance to win an opening slot at The Hollywood Bowl, a $10,000 cash prize, and the chance to meet with record executives.

Now let me tell you about this Battle Creek band.

Frontman Sam Luna and guitar player Sage Castleberry have been friends since middle school and got their musical start in High School performing on a Downtown Battle Creek sidewalk in 2015. They both graduated from Lakeview in 2018 and in 2020 Sam had original songs he was ready to release. Sam and Sage called up their fathers Dave Luna (bass), and Tim Castleberry (drums), both friends and musicians, to come out of retirement to form a band. With a four-piece set, the band was in search of a keyboardist when a close family friend Chris Gillette came to mind. Chris also played a role in both Sam and Sage’s childhood as he was their coach in sports when the boys were growing up. Knowing Chris was a seasoned keyboardist he was brought onto the band to join the four-piece. The father-son dynamic with both Sam and Sage makes the Sam Luna Band a special group to watch. They can be seen at shows across southwest Michigan playing Sam’s released music and covers everyone would enjoy.

Sam released his first single in February of 2021 called “Center Of Attention” and in July of this year released 4 more songs that make up his debut EP called “Days In Delusion” Sam's music can be purchased and streamed on all music platforms and can be found by visiting and clicking “Listen Here” at the top of the homepage.

The band is asking for you to listen to a song and vote daily for them in hopes of advancing them to the next round and hopefully to Hollywood, CA this October!

They currently reside in 5th place in the “Quarter-Finalist” round which ends this Thursday 9/23.  If the band makes it to first place, they proceed through two more rounds of voting: The “Semi-Finalist” round (9/24 - 9/30) and the “Finals” (10/1 - 10/7).  You get one free vote every 24 hours and more votes can be purchased for $1 a vote. The money for the paid votes is donated to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. After each round, voting resets so daily voting is encouraged.

To cast your daily vote for the Sam Luna Band visit and click “Vote Here” at the top of the homepage. If you enjoy the music or just want to support a Southwest Michigan band, please consider casting your daily votes!

Remember when you were young and wanted someone to give you a chance?  This is your chance to pay it forward and give Sam and Sage their chance.

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