With the rising cost of subscribing to cable or satellite dish distributors, more and more viewers are flocking to the option of streaming internet content through their television sets. And you don’t even need a “smart” T.V. to take part in loads of free internet content.

A smart TV will often come with an inboard streaming option, such as ROKU or Apple Air-Play, among a few. This will enable you to gain access to internet content such as Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix, and on and on. If you own a dumb TV, you can purchase a streaming device. All of the various devices are similar and can be purchased online or at your favorite big box store.

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I originally started with a $30 ROKU device. It connects to your TV set’s USB port and locates your wireless network. You only need an internet account in order to tap in to the content, which much of it is free. YouTube is a good example of a freebie.  The installation of the device was simple and somewhat painless.

Recently I decided to upgrade my viewing experience, noting that wide-screen T.V’s are now dirt cheap. The JVC 58” smart TV, which I purchased for around $400, came with the ROKU already installed. I only needed to log in to my existing ROKU account to access my existing online options.

But, all of that aside, the heart of this story is the availability of being able to view the ongoing world from the comfort of your armchair via YouTube. Not only is this great for your basic couch potato, but it also serves those who cannot easily leave their homes, due to health issues or work schedules.

Most of my armchair tours focus on the outdoor live cams that exist at various city intersections, famous landmarks, railroad stations or wildlife sanctuaries.

This week, the Geldingadalir volcano live cam is my featured live stream. The original eruption began on March 19th, but since then, three more fissures have opened in the same valley, side-by-side. The best viewing times are in the evening when bright orange lava bursts and flows bathe the surrounding landscape an eerie orange hue. It brings the image of Mordor to mind, for the Lord of the Rings crowd.

Do yourself a favor and view this cam throughout your day.

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