A planned change to Battle Creek's curbside recycling program is being delayed.

The City of Battle Creek is moving from weekly curbside recycling pickup to every-other-week pickup; the change had originally been set for April 1, but the switch-over is now set to take place May 6. The delay is being made because the city and Waste Management feel like more time is needed for the transition so the community can be informed.

Environmental program coordinator for the City of Battle Creek Elizabeth Paul appeared on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Nico Berrios to discuss this and other changes. She let us know why exactly the change is being made to the recycling program, and also talked about how the city is working to educate customers on the switch.

There was also a discussion on the upcoming Recyclerama event April 6, and about the best way to contact Waste Management's customer service. See the complete video of the discussion below.

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