What would you do if you were faced with the following situation?

Your teenage son or daughter goes to their high school football game, a game where a school official finds a can of beer on the ground. The school official believes the can of beer came from the bleachers where the students were sitting.

Then all of a sudden your son or daughter and 74 other students who were in the bleachers are taken to classrooms as school officials contacted you and the other 74 parents. They want you to pick them up and you are given two hours to get to a health facility so your son or daughter can get their blond and urine withdrawn to see if they were the one’s drinking.

That is exactly what happened in New Jersey as reported by a local NBC news station.

A letter to the parents from the Superintendent stated the following:

"District policy and regulation states that failure to comply with a screening is deemed a positive test result and will result in a suspension from school,"

If your child tested positive you pay for the test if the do not test positive the school district picks up the cost.

What would you do?

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