Battle Creek's new police station was unveiled to the community on Friday, as Police Chief Jim Blocker cut the ribbon at noon, and citizens wandered through the new structure as department members explained how the new building will be used.

Chief Blocker spoke briefly outside, thanking the community, the designers, and Schweitzer Construction, who built the new station.   Chief Blocker talked about all of the windows in the building not being a accident.  He said that in the interests of transparency, he wanted the community to be able to see inside the department at any time.

The new building features a great conference room where Sgt. Chris Rabbit says they'll be able to hold community meetings, press conferences, seminars, and meetings for the Citizen's Police Academy.    There are workout areas.  New locker rooms.  An outdoor patio break area and an honor system vending area.   There are areas to process evidence.  State of the art dryers for preserving things like blood-soaked clothing evidence.

Throughout the building, there were photos of the area being used in the current station,  across the street.   It was built nearly 50 years ago.

There are photos and plaques to honor and remember those who have served the department in years past.

Take a look....

Photo Tour of Battle Creek's New Police Station

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