A Battle Creek police officer has been ordered to fold his cape and refrain from wearing his Batman mask while on duty. A dispute, between neighbors, recently activated the Bat Signal over the Battle Creek Police Department, on Division Street, and Sgt. Chad Fickle donned his Batman mask and responded to the call to action.

Officers have been responding to a series of complaints between landowners in the area of Waubascon Road, in Bedford Township, since March 2021. Justin Schotts, one of the landowners, has posted as many as 65 videos showing officer and neighbor interactions. In a recent video recorded by Schotts, Sgt. Fickle, a Battle Creek Police supervisor, is shown responding to a call wearing a Batman mask.

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In the past, Schotts referred to Sgt. Chad Fickle as “Batman”. Trying to insert humor into the longstanding feud, Sgt. Fickle decided to arrive on the scene of the complaint, wearing a Batman mask. Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Blocker caught wind of the Batman caper and was not amused.

Chief Blocker released a statement to the press, stating,

As much as we value creative responses in all situations, Sgt. Fickle’s well-intended action was done in poor judgment and was disappointing. As with all police personnel matters, this case was reviewed and addressed.

The statement went on to say that police will not give media interviews on this issue, or make additional statements about it. In the meantime, Chief Blocker has deactivated the Bat Signal, as the investigation into the feud continues.

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