Have you ever had a really weird experience with meeting a celebrity that seemingly came out of nowhere? We actually asked our audience this question and so many people from the Kalamazoo area shared with us their celebrity run-in stories, which we'll talk about below. But there's one that happened over the weekend that is TRULY puzzling. The actor Chelcie Ross has been in many notable movies, most of all being Major League, Richie Rich, Rudy, NCIS, and his upcoming role in the show Super Pumped. So why exactly was he hanging out at a John 5 show in Grand Rapids last weekend?

It turns out you never know just how small this world is. A friend, Joe Hafer, from the growingly popular band Nagazi, told me about the experience he shared and how he figured out who it was as the night was coming to a close. While he was packing up the band's merch, he started to put two and two together:

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I could overhear a convo between John5’s merch table and an older gentleman. The guy was going on about how his kid (Ian Ross - bassist for J5) was really enjoying playing with J5 and such. Just normal talk of a proud parent. As I looked up, I immediately noticed that it was Chelcie Ross. Being a huge baseball fan, Major League is an absolute classic for me. As he began to walk back to join his family, I immediately ask to confirm it was him. “Was that f***ing Harris??” And sure enough, it was. I approached him and asked for a photo, and he polity obliged with no ego or attitude at all. A true gentleman.

He was even cool enough to ask Joe's brother: "Are you telling me Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball?"


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