Citizens of Albion now have the option to help their family members who might need help if they get lost.

The Albion Department of Public Safety says Monday that they are now participating in the Michigan State Police’s Vulnerable or Impaired Person Enrollment program; the VIP program allows for a parent, legal guardian, or person with power of attorney to take an individual with special needs to provide their fingerprints and photograph for the State of Michigan’s repository.

Enrollment in the system also stores the person’s address as well as contact information for the person who is legally responsible for them. The goal of the VIP program is to help law enforcement quickly identify a person in need who may not be able to identify themself, and get them home safely “while maintaining their dignity”.

While the ADPS has just now joined this program, the Battle Creek Police Department and Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office are also participating agencies.

More information, including how to enroll, can be found on the MSP's website.

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