Recall petitions have now been filed with the Calhoun County Clerk’s Office in order to facilitate the recall of two members of the Albion City Council, for their alleged treatment of the former City Manager.

The Clerk’s Office says that the petition language seeks to recall Mayor Garrett Brown, and Council Member Sonya Brown from Precinct 3. The Calhoun County Election Commission will review the recall language on October 31, to determine if the language is factual and clear, before the petitions can be circulated among the voters.

For both council members, according to the submitted language their recalls are being sought for “non-compliance of City Charter creating a hostile work environment for City Manager Sheryl Mitchell”. The Battle Creek Enquirer reports that Mitchell resigned from her position earlier this month, after some on the Albion City Council raised concerns about some of her actions regarding the use of city workers.

If the Election Commission approves the petition language, they will then be circulated.

439 valid signatures are needed to put the recall of Mayor Garrett Brown before voters, while 96 are required for Sonya Brown.

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