The trial of a former Albion Public Safety Detective had been slated to start Tuesday, but a plea agreement was made instead.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports that on Tuesday, 42-year-old Luis Tejada of Homer pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of lying to a police officer; the maximum penalty for that is one year in jail, but as a part of the plea he may only need to pay fines. Also in the plea deal, a more serious misdemeanor lying to police charge, and a felony charge of being an accessory after the fact, were dropped by prosecutors.

Tejada faced these charges after he was accused of helping Norman Pittlekow and Nichole Jacobs evade capture for federal child porn crimes. Pittlekow had testified that he and his wife were friends of Tejada, and that he warned them in 2015 that they were about to be arrested.

Tejada, who has denied assisting the couple, is set to be sentenced November 17.

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