Two pharmacists from Albion have now pleaded guilty to charges related to their filling of bad opioid prescriptions.

WOODTV says that John Shedd and Terry Tooley, who ran the Parks Drug Store on Superior St. in Albion, had been charged with conspiracy to unlawfully dispense controlled substances and to commit healthcare fraud; authorities say that the pair would fill methadone prescriptions written by Dr. Horace Davis, which they knew served no medical purpose. The pharmacy was raided in January 2017 by the DEA, as the federal agents looked for evidence.

Davis was sent to prison for writing the prescriptions and for healthcare fraud, and investigators say that the pharmacists kept filling scripts he wrote even after he was indicted.

Shedd and Tooley also submitted insurance claims for medicine they didn’t give out, or that wasn’t covered, ripping off Medicare, Medicaid, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan out of $500,000.

The pair pleaded guilty as of Friday to the charges; they will likely be required to repay the money, and the charges carry up to five years in prison.

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