A recall effort against Albion’s Mayor may now go forward, after a vote by the Calhoun County Election Commission.

Calhoun County Deputy Clerk of Elections Terri Loew says that the Commission voted 3-0 Monday to approve the petition language for the recall of Mayor Garrett Brown. Now that the language has been ruled as clear and factual, there is a 10 day window that an appeal can be filed regarding the Commission's determination. If no appeal is made by November 30, petitions can then be circulated.

Once petitions begin to be circulated, the County Clerk's Office says 439 valid signatures are needed from registered voters in the City of Albion. If the signatures are determined to be valid, the recall election will take place on either the May or November regular election day.

The petition seeks Brown’s recall for his alleged treatment of City Manager Sheryl Mitchell, as well as his alleged stalking of an Albion resident.

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