Allegations have now come to light against the Mayor of Albion, alleging he has engaged in stalking behavior.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports that according to Calhoun County Court records, a woman named Felisha Coats filed a personal protection order against Albion Mayor Garrett Brown two weeks ago, and it was approved. Coats alleges that in September, Brown repeatedly came to her house and peered through her windows; she described Brown as an ex-friend with whom she “didn’t want a relationship”.

Coats says that when she told the Albion Department of Public Safety about this, they warned him not to contact her, but instead he emailed her twice the next day. In a statement to the paper, Brown denies these allegations and says he will “vigorously defend [his] character”.

This news comes to light a week after recall language was filed for both he and fellow council member Sonya Brown, alleging that the two violated the city charter for their treatment of soon-to-be-former City Manager Sheryl Mitchell.

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