Battle Creek area residents have a new recreational marijuana shop to obtain products from. Michigan Supply and Provisions is opening a store along “B” Drive, just off M-66 near the I-94 interchange in Emmett Township. The new store is the company’s second to open but it has licensing pending at a bunch of others throughout the state. Michigan Supply and Provisions features online ordering through the company website. Customers can pick up orders with a curbside stop, or in person, but by appointment only.  The idea is to keep in line with the ongoing virus orders and social distancing.  The process also reduces wait times and makes things predictable for customers.

Michigan Supply and Provisioning has one other active store. It is the small town of Morenci in Lenawee County. That’s about 15 miles southwest of Adrian, and about 30 miles northeast of Toledo. The company is preparing to open new stores in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Traverse City, and Alma. A couple will open within the next few days and others will be opening later this summer. A little over a week ago, Common Citizen opened its new marijuana shop in Battle Creek along Columbia Avenue, not quite a mile east of the Penetrator.

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