Five people have now been arrested after Battle Creek police say they were capitalizing on the misfortune of others after an apartment fire two weeks ago.

Back on February 1, a building at the River Apartments on Stringham Rd. caught fire, displacing many people from their homes for some time. The Battle Creek Enquirer says that on Sunday, residents were finally allowed back into their units to gather belongings; however, many of them reported that their property, including things like TVs, video games, and iPads, had been stolen.

A credit card had also been stolen, leading to the thieves purchasing further items.

Shortly after the crime was reported, Battle Creek police officers were able to figure out that most of these items were likely in another unit in the apartment complex, and a search warrant was obtained. Inside the unit the stolen property was found, and most of it has been returned; five people, including on juvenile, have been arrested in this case.

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