Battle Creek police are seeking a 22 year old Battle Creek man after he struck a vehicle in a parking lot and threatened the life of the vehicle's owner.

Officers were called to Target, located on Beckley Road, at 4:13 p.m. Friday after the owner of a vehicle said he was confronted by another man.

The 27 year old victim said he was leaving the store and saw a vehicle bump his in the parking lot. He said the other driver was attempting to leave and that he confronted the man about obtaining insurance information in regards to the damage.

The victim alleges the other man became aggressive and that the two had a verbal exchange. That is when the suspect allegedly went to his car and returned with a pocket knife. According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, the 22 year old suspect allegedly told the victim "I'm crazy and I will kill you."

A woman with the suspect told the suspect to return to the car and they left, hitting the victim's van for a second time and nearly hitting a shopping cart that contained the victim's infant. Witnesses also say the suspect also nearly hit several pedestrians as they left the parking lot.

No injuries were reported.

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