The police response to reports of dogs acting violent in Battle Creek Monday morning led to one of the animals being fatally shot.

The Battle Creek Police Department says in a release that they were called to the area of Illinois St. and Lathrop Ave. in the Post Addition neighborhood around 7:50am Monday; the caller said she had been bitten by two loose dogs, identified as pit bulls, and that they were seen running off "towards kids at a bus stop". That caller had suffered minor injuries as a result.

When the police arrived on the scene, they found the two loose dogs attacking another dog; the "aggressive" animals then ran off. The BCPD eventually tracked down the dogs to another backyard in the neighborhood, and as an officer walked into that yard police say one of the dogs "charged" at him. This led to the officer pulling out his service weapon and firing it at the dogs, leaving one dead.

The other dog was eventually found and captured by its owner.

The BCPD says that they are continuing to investigate this incident.


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