A Battle Creek area teacher decided to do a live video demonstration of a fun frozen bubble experiment for her students to try at home.

It's a snow day for most area schools. If COVID-19 could not stop the education system a half foot (or more) of snow certainly won't! Starr Older is a Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) teacher at Woodlawn Preschool in Battle Creek, Michigan. While she was unable to meet face to face with students today, a fun virtual lesson might be just what the doctor ordered.

Here is what you will need to try Mrs. Older's fun frozen bubble experiment:

  • a bowl or cup
  • large straw or bubble wand
  • either premade bubbles or use the following recipe to make bubbles
  • 1 cup water (start with hot water as it cools pretty quick)
  • 4 teaspoons corn syrup
  • 4 teaspoons dish soap
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • Mix all the ingredients together.

Mrs. Older says that the mixture will need to go into the freezer for 10 to 35 minutes to help it freeze faster outside. Then find an area outside where you can be out of the wind and start blowing bubbles. Mrs. Older assures us all they will freeze. The colder the outside temperature, the better the frozen bubbles.

I wanted to try and give the kiddos something that they could try with their families at home that would involve this cold, snowy weather we received over the last couple of days. Science is part of our curriculum and this is a great way to include some of those experiments. ~Starr Older

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