It is not supposed be nearly this cold yet in Michigan, especially the southern areas of the state. This is more like what we would expect in the depths of winter in January and February.

To put this in perspective: Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and surrounding communities in southwest Michigan had low temperatures this morning that were colder than Utqiagvik, Alaska (located in the northern most point of Alaska and we have no idea how to pronounce it). In fact, for much of the day, our temperatures have stayed below this location, which is the last stop on land in the United States if you were headed to the North Pole.

Utqiagvik had a morning low temperature of 17 degrees Wednesday. Kalamazoo fell to 11 degrees and Battle Creek hit a low of 9 degrees early Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service. Both locations, and several others in Michigan, broke record low temperatures for November 13. In fact, average low temperatures for this time of year in southwest Michigan are closer to 35 degrees. Today's high temperature of 25 is about ten degrees below the average low, and 25 degrees below the average high of 50 degrees.

A warm up is expected to begin Thursday, but the region will still be well below average temperatures for the next several days at least. It has indeed been a very early start for winter this year in Michigan, compared to average.


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