On Tuesday, the Battle Creek Police Department announced the passing of veteran Battle Creek police K-9 Rushin. The statement read:

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of K-9 Rushin. K-9 Rushin was 9 years old and was diagnosed with a medical condition over the weekend. He passed away at his home this morning surrounded by his family. K-9 Rushin started with the department in 2013 and was Cpl. Bailey's first K-9. During his time with BCPD, he successfully tracked one homicide suspect, two attempted murder suspects, and three barricaded gunmen (including one that shot at one of our own officers). Our condolences go out to Cpl. Bailey and his family as well as to the rest of the BCPD K-9 family.

Clearly K-9 Rushin made significant contributions in the Battle Creek community and was a very good boy.

There is no word at this time what the medical condition was that the veteran K-9 officer was afflicted with.

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