Valentines Day is Friday, and Battle Creek Police Department  Sgt. Chris Rabbitt dropped by the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins to offer some safety tips for on-line dating.   Recently, a terrible murder was committed on Christmas Eve, just 90 miles from Battle Creek.   A man named Kevin Bacon (not the actor) met someone from an on-line dating service.  He was brutally killed.   Here's an m-live article if you want to read about it. 

Sgt. Rabbitt shared 10 Safety Tips for Online Dating, from the website.

1. Do your research.  Do a Google search on their name. Check Facebook and Instagram.

2. Use a Google Voice number.  Google Voice and other apps give an alternate phone number so you don’t have to share your actual number.

3. Have a pre-date by phone or video.  - Use Facetime, Skype, Facebook video calling, or some other app to have a pre-date.

4. Get a sense of intentions.  

5. Meet at a public place.  Don’t let them pick you up from home.  Drive yourself or use public transportation.

6. Tell someone the details.   When, where, and with whom you are meeting.

7.  Set up check in times and an all safe message once you return home.

8. Don’t Overshare.  Stay away from talking about your normal routines, family members’ locations, birthdays, where you work and other personal information too quickly.

9. Carry Pepper Spray.  Know how to use it.  Have some sort of self-defense plan.

10. Stay Sober.   Keep your wits about you and stay aware.

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