It’s tax season, and the City of Battle Creek is reminding people that you can always be charitable while doing your local taxes.

While you’re doing your city income taxes, after you calculate your refund, there’s a box on the BC-1040 form that allows you to select a donation to the local United Way or other local 501(c)(3) organization, or to the city itself; If you donate to Battle Creek, the money goes to help place flags on the graves of veterans, towards the annual city employee appreciation picnic, or to the Recreation department.

If you make a donation, if the donated amount combined with other refunds, credits and/or offsets totals more than $10, the city is required to issue a federal form 1099G to the taxpayer; if you make a donation of more than $10, Battle Creek will also issue a receipt so you can make an itemized deduction on your federal return.

Battle Creek added the donation option in 2015, and they say that $1,400 was donated through the form in 2017.

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