Battle Creek Public School administrators are proposing a two-tiered plan for reopening this fall under the shadow of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. It includes a heavy emphasis on virtual learning. Some parents are applauding the proposal as safe and prudent. Others, not so much. The district Board of Education is hearing administrators say the best approach is to allow grades K through 5 students to resume normal in-person classes. But students in grades 6-12 would be limited to virtual learning only. District Superintendent Kimberly Carter outlined the plan and a number of details to the board overnight during a virtual meeting. Carter says the plan was developed following input from almost every teacher in the district, teacher union reps, along with administrative and support staff.

K-5 students and staff will be required to wear face masks while at school. The plan allows families not comfortable with their kids in classrooms for any reason could switch to online learning. The district already has a virtual program available for students. That is recommended by the district for students who do well without regular in-person support. The district is planning an online question and answer session for parents and guardians tomorrow early evening on the district Facebook page. Board of Education members plan to make a final decision on the plan during their next meeting, set for this coming Monday, August 3rd.

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