The Battle Creek Public Schools Board of Education is voting to take classes online beginning tomorrow (Wednesday, April 14, 2021).  The decision means no classes for the district today in order to prepare for resuming virtual learning tomorrow. The change affects all Pre-K through 12 classes.

It is a big logistical move for any district, especially to make the change on very short notice. But the Board of Education members believe the increasing cases of COVID-19 reported throughout the area are enough to warrant the switch to virtual learning.  The district is anticipating the return to in-person learning for all grades on Monday, April 26.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer late last week asked Michigan school administrators to pause in-person learning and high school sports activities for two weeks.  That request was largely ignored. Even the State’s High School Athletic Association responded with a statement that it was not recommending or supporting a shutdown of sports events or practices.  The association’s information release to schools and parents indicating, “The current MDHHS emergency order from March 19 remains unchanged. Spring sports can continue with weekly testing as required by MDHHS during weeks where schools are practicing and/or competing. This is based on all remaining sports being outdoors, and spring sports have the least contact when compared to other seasons.”

The Governor also requested an increase in the federal government virus vaccine allotment to Michigan to increase the number of vaccinations that can take place. But the new Director of the Centers For Disease Control is responding that Michigan does not need more doses of vaccine. Michigan, she says, needs another shutdown.

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