If you have a general interest in weather, especially thunderstorms and tornadoes, there is a free event in Battle Creek Saturday where you can learn some basics on how severe weather develops and how to spot it. And it's free!
Technology has greatly improved the way meteorologists receive and distribute information when severe weather is developing, however eyes on the ground actually looking at cloud development is still a very vital key in reporting severe weather.
Battle Creek Emergency Services is hosting SkyWarn Seminar 2019. It is a two-hour training event that is open to anyone in the public.
In this training you will learn:
  • Basics of thunderstorm development
  • Fundamentals of storm structure
  • Identifying potential severe weather features
  • Information to report
  • How to report information
  • Basic severe weather safety
It will be held at the Lakeview Middle School Auditorium from 10:00 am to noon. Doors open at 9:45 am. After the presentation, some door prizes will be handed out. The school is located at 300 S. 28th Street in Battle Creek.
To pre-register (which isn't required, but is recommended) CLICK HERE and then click on the SkyWarn banner at the link.

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