Results of a medical marijuana survey conducted by the City of Battle Creek are now in.

The City says Tuesday that over 700 responses were made, either online or through paper copies, and that 82 percent of respondents said they live in the city.

One of the questions asked was “if the City Commission allows growing, testing, processing, or the selling of medical marijuana in Battle Creek, how much would this worry you?” on a scale of 1 to 10; 65 percent of people answered “not worried at all" (1), while 16 percent answered "extremely worried" (10). The weighted average was at 3.16.

Survey takers were also asked if they support each of the five types of medical marijuana businesses; 77 to 78 percent of respondents say they supported the businesses, or supported "each use with restrictions."

At the direction of the City Commission, the Planning Commission has drafted potential ordinances regarding medical marijuana businesses in the city, and a Planning Commission hearing will take place December 13 so the public can review those.

The City of Battle Creek has created a FAQ for those who have questions regarding medical marijuana, that also contains proposed maps for where medical pot businesses could set up shop. go to At that link, you can also see the complete results of the survey.

Per state law, the state of Michigan will begin licensing medical marijuana businesses December 15.

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