The oldest living resident in Calhoun County, who is also among the oldest in the entire country, is reaching another milestone. Ellen Goodwill is celebrating her 113th birthday on Sunday, February 2nd.

Ellen was born in Paris, Kentucky in 1907. As a young adult, she moved to Columbus, Ohio, and became a model. In 1947, she married Augustus “Gus” Goodwill in Battle Creek after meeting him at a dance several years prior. The couple had no children. She worked dressing shop windows in Battle Creek until her arthritis prevented her from doing so. Goodwill's husband died in 1972, after 25 years of marriage.

Wikipedia shows that among living "supercentenarians" in the United States, Ellen ranks 4th on the list. There are two residents, one from North Dakota and another from North Carolina, who are about 114 1/2 years old. The third oldest living person is another Michigan woman, Irene Dutton, who lives in Kalamazoo. She is 113 1/2 years old.

According to information in the Battle Creek Shopper, the community is encouraged to send birthday cards for Ellen to help celebrate the milestone. You send cards to the address below:

  • Ellen Goodwill C/O Advantage Living Center
  • 675 Wagner Drive
  • Battle Creek, MI 49037
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