The freezing cold weather we had over the weekend has prompted the City of Battle Creek to issue a warning regarding water services.

The City says that the extreme temperature changes led to five water main breaks, and with another dip in temperatures forecast this weekend there are steps to be taken to prevent further problems. They recommend checking crawlspaces and basements to be sure they are clear of cold drafts around water pipes, particularly near windows or the outside walls. You should make sure those areas have access to your home's heating.

If your water meter is in a cabinet, it’s recommended you leave the door to the cabinet partially open so heat can flow around it.

The City also has taken their own steps in recent years to fight frozen pipes, including burying the water mains deeper underground and pumping the water from the Verona Pumping Station at a consistent 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you do lose water service, you can contact the City’s Water Distribution or Utility Billing departments.

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