A man from Portage was arrested Monday evening after he allegedly committed an armed robbery in Calhoun County.

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office says that at about 7pm Monday, a 21-year-old Battle Creek man called police after he says someone threatened him with a gun at the Thunderbird Trailer Park in Springfield. Deputies were able to learn through their investigation that the suspect, a 20-year-old Portage man, had gone to the victim’s residence to purchase marijuana; when the suspect got there however, he allegedly brandished a firearm and demanded the weed be handed over.

The victim retreated into the residence and called 911, as the suspect left. Calhoun County authorities contacted the Portage Police, and they were able to locate him and take him into custody; he was turned over to the investigating deputy and lodged in the Calhoun County jail on an armed robbery charge.

It's not known if any investigation will be done regarding the victim's alleged sale of marijuana; while the plant itself is legal for possession and consumption there is no state framework yet for the sale of it.


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