Residents in Battle Creek are being urged to take care, due to a string of home break-ins.

The Battle Creek Police Department says Tuesday that over the past few days, four separate burglaries were reported in the Lakeview area; in all of these incidents, suspects entered the home at night, while the residents were asleep. It appears the suspects got into the homes by entering through unsecured rear, side, or garage doors.

The BCPD says that there are a few ways you can prevent these burglaries from happening; they say that before going to bed, lock your exterior doors and the door leading from the garage to the house, and remove remote garage door openers from your cars parked outside. You can also remove items of value from view of a window, and draw the curtains once it gets dark.

The BCPD has not given any suspect description in connection to these crimes; you’re asked report any suspicious persons or activity by call 911.

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