Drug charges have been filed against two emergency dispatchers in Calhoun County. The Battle Creek Enquirer reports that 27-year-old Heather Wilkins of Ceresco and 47-year-old Tammy Carroll of Marshall are both off the job and are awaiting court dates following an investigation that spanned several weeks. Sheriff Matt Saxton told the Battle Creek Enquirer the two had been employed as dispatchers for about three years and resigned when they were informed that an internal investigation was taking place.

Wilkins is accused of conspiracy to buy illegal prescription drugs as well as unauthorized use of the Law Enforcement Information Network. Authorities were working on a separate drug case when evidence turned up that Wilkins may have been involved with two drug dealers. She is also accused of trying to alert a drug suspect that law enforcement were closing in on an arrest.

Carroll, meanwhile, was charged after detectives learned that she had been giving some of her own prescription medication illegally to Wilkins.

Two two are both free on bond right now and have court dates scheduled for early January. If convicted, Wilkins faces a maximum sentence of five years in prision while Carroll could face up to four years in prison for her involvement.

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