Calhoun County residents now have the ability to check road conditions before they head out after a snowfall.

The Calhoun County Road Department says that a new snowplow tracker is in operation, and allows people to see where the county’s plow trucks have been within the past three hours. In order to use it, just go to maps (dot) calhouncountymi (dot) gov and click on the “CCRD Snowplow tracker” near the bottom of the page.

The CCRD recently welcomed their new Managing Director John Midgley, and the County Administrator’s newsletter says he’s “hitting the ground running by getting to know our road department personnel and reviewing policies, operations and the budget."

In addition to snow plowing and road salting, the Road Department is still patching up potholes as the weather allows it and taking part in other road projects. That includes tree removal on F Drive N in Marshall Township, and the construction of the 25 1/2 Mile Rd. Bridge; that bridge is expected to be finished before the end of the year.


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