The Calhoun County Jail is implementing a new video visitation system in what officials say is a move towards convenience for families.

MLive reports that the video visitation system allows family members to speak with inmates and detainees for free at a video kiosk in the jail, or they can do it from anywhere for a fee, with a smartphone app. Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton says that the move to the system is intended to be a positive change, since many of those in the jail are Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees from around the state, and it oftentimes isn’t feasible for their families to visit them in person.

Matt Saxton says that that since the system is new, they are still trying to determine whether or not they will stop in-person visits entirely.

Some illegal immigrant’s rights advocates called denying face-to-face visits to detainees “incredibly cruel”. However, he says that the jail will “probably” allow face-to-face meetings if an ICE detainee is set to be deported and they want to meet their family.

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