The closing of Battle Creek’s Willard Library’s Helen Warner Branch is being extended through next Tuesday the 27th.  The branch along Minges Creek Place was closed late last week due to potential COVID-19 virus exposure.  Now Library Director Cathy Lucas says that is turning into a positive virus diagnosis.  That is presumably involving a branch staff member. Lucas is posting on a library social media account that, quoting now. “We hope to reopen the branch library on Wednesday, Oct. 28, when we are able to resume adequate staffing.”

The main Willard Library building on West Vanburen in downtown Battle Creek remains open. That includes curbside service on weekdays from 10 am, to noon, and Saturday from 10 to 4. While the branch library is closed, you can return materials to the main library downtown, or the outside drop boxes at the branch. Materials being held for pickup at the branch will be extended for a week after the branch reopens.

The Calhoun County Public Health Department continues to handle the ongoing virus outbreak response.  The department has closed its public clinics in Albion and Battle Creek for an undetermined amount of time.  People who had appointments set up for this week will still be able to receive services. The department is now preparing to open flu shot clinics around the county. The first will be tomorrow in Homer. There will be no direct charge for anyone. People who don’t have insurance will be able to get a flu shot for free. Those with medical insurance will have the charges invoiced to the insurer. County Health Officer Eric Pessel says the department has its hands full taking care of contact tracing - tracking down people who may have had contact with those verified as having contracted the COVID-19 virus. Pessel tells WBCK the county is getting help from the state to get that accomplished. The work involves up to 1,000 phone calls per day.

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