One of Kalamazoo's soul food restaurants is closing its doors for a short period of time. During the past 2 years, since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have seen many businesses fall due to the effects of the lockdown, some folded sooner than others, while we are still seeing business struggle to stay afloat due to the impact of being shut down for months. This has happened all over the country, in Michigan, and certainly in Kalamazoo.

This won't be the last time we see a business fall or take a break because they are still recovering from having their business shuddered for more than half a year. We have seen bars, restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, and so many other businesses in Kalamazoo say goodbye for a short time or forever because of this. This next business is just the next one to experience these problems, but definitely not the last.

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Cookie's is a restaurant located on the North side of Kalamazoo and serves delicious soul food, creole, and seafood dishes to its many customers. Earlier this week Cookies made an announcement on their Facebook page that would proceed to make many upset, sad, and many other emotions, but none more noticeable than the support. Below is the post from Cookies:

As read in the post above, they thanked their customers for their endless support before explaining what has put them in this unfortunate position. They referenced the tough times we've been in and inflation as the main factors in their temporary closure. They did say that they were just revamping to return with more favorable circumstances for all parties. It's not a goodbye, but a see you later.

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