Two culverts that were not in use in Union City needed to be taken out as two other infrastructure issues arose in the Village earlier this week.

The Village's Facebook page announced on Wednesday, August 26th, that there were two culverts that laid underneath the road on St. Joseph Street and were in use when the mill race was still in use along the St. Joseph River.

The empty tubes began to cause disruption for two portions of the Village;s infrastructure - the pavement on the road and the water mains below ground that are in the area. The pavement was recently replaced in part of a chip seal project in July that spanned St. Joseph Street from South Broadway to the village limits.

We have reached out to Village Manager Chris Mathis on an update on the construction area. There has not been a response back as of Friday, August 28th.

Culverts are used to help water from creeks and streams flow to or from rivers. They also last several decades with normal upkeep. It is the same type of project that is taking place along M-66 in Barry County. The state highway and land bridge above the culvert needed to be dug up to replace the metal tubes before placing the dirt back on top. That project near Bellevue is expected to be completed just before Labor Day.

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