Remember the Georgia State Representative named Vernon Jones.  He was the man who recently had the audacity to speak his own mind when he became the first state-elected Democrat to endorse President Trump earlier this month.

Georgia State Rep. Jones told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

that he views Trump as a transformative president whose policies have helped African American voters, military veterans and farmers

He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the reason he is endorsing President Trump:

It’s very simple to me. President Trump’s handling of the economy, his support for historically black colleges and his criminal justice initiatives drew me to endorse his campaign

He went on to say:

There are a lot of African Americans who clearly see and appreciate he’s doing something that’s never been done before...When you look at the unemployment rates among black Americans before the pandemic, they were at historic lows. That’s just a fact.

For that he has been vilified by his Party, people who vote for the Democrat Party, the media and the trolls on the internet.

For example, Georgia Democratic Party Chairwoman Nikema Williams said in a prepared statement:

Vernon Jones is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party and does not stand for our values...He chose to stand with the racist president who has made an all-out assault on black Americans … during the most important election of our lifetimes.

Let me remind you that Rep. is a black man who has been fighting for the black community for decades.

The Daily Caller is now reporting that Georgia State Representative Jones is stepping down from his seat stating the reason for his resignation is the non-stop attacks by the elected officials, members of the Democratic Party and the Democrat control of the media’s unrelenting attacks and harassment due to his endorsement of President Trump.

He stated:

I’m sick and tired of me and my family being attacked and harassed by the Democrat Party for putting my country before my party

The Democratic Party was actually going after his family; they usually save that tactic for Republicans.  As I have stated many times in the past, this is a very small tent party.  You must believe as they believe or you will be shunned, hunted down, attacked and possibly harmed.

Apparently the Democratic Party has no problem with bullying anymore, at least in Georgia.  They can now get rid of all their bullying programs in their schools and perhaps save some money, whom am I kidding they will just spend it on something else.

Representative Jones went on to say:

I take pride in being an independent thinker...I intend to help the Democrat Party get rid of its bigotry against Black people that are independent and conservative.

Representative Jones had more to say:

I endorsed the White guy (Donald J. Trump) that let Blacks out of jail, and they endorsed the White guy (Joe Biden) that put Blacks in jail

He still had more to say when he stated he would stay in the Democratic Party to:

hold them accountable to how they are treating black people (and) root out the bigotry...I will remain woke and vigilant in educating and fighting for my people

I certainly do hope you hold them accountable the media never does and it appears many in their own party never do.

Someone other than radio talk show host’s on the right need to stand up to these bullies.

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