I reported earlier this week on a six month investigation by Detroit's Office of Inspector General into the Mayor of Detroit and his staff dealings with a non-profit named Make Your Date.  They found that not only did the Democrat Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan show “favor” to the non-profit but also his top aides directed staff to delete all emails concerning  the Mayor’s controversial support of the Make Your Date non-profit.

The Inspector General found that Alexis Wiley, Duggan’s chief of staff, ordered all emails relating to Make Your Date be deleted. Mayor Duggan said he was unaware of the decision to delete the emails.

His Chief of Staff, Ms. Wiley, says she was acting to only shield junior staffers who had gotten caught up in the process. Detroit Chief Development Officer Ryan Friedrichs and Deputy Chief Development Officer Sirene Abou-Chakra were also implicated.

In the Inspector General’s report, Ms. Ha recommended discipline for all staff who called for deletion of the emails.

Whatever the reasons they are coming up with for deleting the emails the question now is what will be their discipline which will night give some accountability of his staff and possibly prevent such illegal actions in the future.  Well you probably never would have guessed it, for their actions of deleting emails pertinent to an investigation they will be given more training and I assume free lunch, breakfast and dinner with it.

Yes, just training.

Mayor Duggan announced that all involved with deleting emails pertinent to an investigation will be required to undergo document management training.  That training will be taught by Detroit's Corporation Counsel Lawrence Garcia.

Now that I think about it perhaps they will not get free lunch and dinner as part of their training.  I can see it in my mind they will report in at 9 am probably be given breakfast provided by the taxpayer and then given a 1 minute training course in which they will be told not to delete emails they know are part of an investigation.

Does not take a genius to figure that one out, does it.

As I have been saying for years if no one in a government position ever has to take accountability for their actions, nothing will change.

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