A man was arrested early Wednesday morning in Battle Creek after he allegedly drove drunk and then later attacked a sheriff’s deputy.

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office says that a traffic stop was conducted at around 1:00 am on Battle Creek Ave. near Meachem in Battle Creek. After the 45-year-old driver pulled his vehicle over, he reportedly exited and tried to take off on foot. Authorities say he then tried to enter a nearby home.

Eventually, a deputy was able to arrest the man, but not before a struggle. The suspect  allegedly assaulted him, prompting the deputy to get out his stun gun. The stun gun failed to subdue the man. When back up arrived from other law enforcement officers, the suspect was eventually able to be taken into custody.

The suspect, a Battle Creek resident whose name has not been released, was arrested on charges including resisting arrest and driving while intoxicated. No other details have been released at this time.

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