What does Patriarch, Phil Robertson, of the Duck Dynasty think about how important this next election is, quite a bit.

Over the weekend Phil was on Fox News “Waters’ World” and the told guest host Brian Kilmeade that this election is a choice between:

“peace of mind”


“hell on earth”

That would certainly make this election very important.

He went on to say:

“If you look at it logically, viewing it through a spiritual lens, you’ve got the devil on one hand, you have got Jesus on the other, and those two forces are coming together”

Whether you believe in God, Jesus, the Devil, or some other higher power he is not that far off with his comparison of what we are seeing displayed every night on the news, depending on if you watch real news or the mainstream manipulative news.  We see some very dark forces on the left attempting and achieving at destroying monuments of our history, government buildings, people's businesses, and their lives.  As Democrat Mayors and Governors sit back and doing nothing at times and just a little bit at other times to stop the lawlessness on display.

The Democrat Party at the local, state, and federal level are not doing or saying much to stop this behavior.  In fact, in many instances, they are encouraging it through their words or silence.

Mr, Robertson went on to say:

What side will you pick this fall?


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