A series of meetings will be taking place this month in a Calhoun County community to help the community learn more about a proposal to fund fixes to their roads.

On May 7, voters in Emmett Township will be deciding whether or not they want to face a millage increase of 3.3987 mills for 15 years, which would generate $14.3 million to cover half the cost of road improvements in the township; the other half of the project would be funded by the Calhoun County Road Department. The citizens of Emmett Township have rejected millage increases for road repairs twice in the past. 

The Emmett Township Committee for Better Roads has now announced that they will be holding six informational meetings over the next month to help make their case for passing the proposal; CFBR Chairperson Deb Belles says that “our local roads are not going to fix themselves and nor is the state of Michigan going to help”, so this proposal needs to be passed.

The meeting dates are below. All meetings start at 6pm. 

  • April 16 - Beadle Lake Elementary School
  • April 18 - Restoration Life Church
  • April 23 - Conservation Discovery Center at Binder Park Zoo
  • April 25 - Wattles Park Elementary
  • April 30 - Fairfax Community Baptist Church
  • May 1 - Harper Creek High School Auditorium

More information about the meetings and the group itself can be found at the Committee for Better Roads- Emmett Township Facebook page.

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