A group of concerned Emmett Township citizens have come together and formed a group to find solutions to the township’s inadequate roads.

The Citizen’s Road Committee in Emmett Township says on their Facebook page that their goal is to have the citizens of the area come together and work with township officials to figure out how to repair the roads. A town hall the group put together was held last night at the Emmett Township offices, with WWMT reporting that some in the group believe educating the populace is the best way to go about fixing the problem.

Township officials say that it’d cost $27 million to fix their roads, but the voters have twice in the past rejected a millage increase to fund the repairs. Under Michigan Public Act 51, townships don't actually receive any direct funding for roads from the state. Instead, their roads fall under the jurisdiction of the County Road Department. However, a township can pass a millage increase in order to provide the money for the projects to the county department.

The next public meeting will take place in August.

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