I'm all about people getting vaccinated, I stand behind it 100%. However, I don't stand behind someone forcing it on individuals. As important and safe that I believe it is, I still think it's a personal choice.

Municipal employees of Van Buren Township are being told that they have to be vaccinated by August 16th or else. They aren't being all that clear about what "or else" means but I think we can all put it together. It means they'll lose their jobs if they don't get the COVID-19 vaccine. I know they can do that but again, I think it's wrong.

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Adam Byrd, Van Buren Township Police Patrol and Dispatchers Union:

We are the trailblazers, simply meaning we are the first jurisdiction in the state of Michigan to do this. There’s a reason the other 1,820 jurisdictions did not do it. It’s not right, government should not be intervening in this.

According to Fox 2, Van Buren Township is one of the first municipalities in Michigan to require that all municipality employees get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The mandate is set to take effect on August 16th. The question is is still up in the air though as to what happens to employees if they don't get vaccinated? I think when you make something mandatory, we all know what happens.

Township Supervisor Kevin McNamara:

We’re working with the unions right now to try and come up with some common ground. I don’t know what the common ground is just yet.

The board has not directed me to terminate employees at this time, and I will not terminate employees until the board directs me to do that.

I would like to see everyone get vaccinated but not like this.

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